Dalmatian specialities

Our carefully assembled menu offers dalmatian, croatian and local specialties, including A La Cart dining.
Your dinner will be accompanied with a fine selection of wines and spirits from Dalmatia and Croatia.
We invite you to experience our warm hospitality and dedication in providing the highest possible level of service to all our guests.

Dalmatian Prsut (Smoked Ham)
Of all the exquisite artisan food produced in Dalmatia, there is none as widely loved that resonates in the hearts and souls of the people like pršut (PURR-shoot).

Dalmatian dry-cured ham (dalmatinski pršut), from Dalmatia in Croatia, especially from the area of Zagora – may be more or less salty, with darker and drier meat. The ham from the town of Drniš is one of the best known.

Dalmatian Peka
One of the most famous delicious specialty is octopus “peka”. This is a cooking method exclusive to the Dalmatian coast and in essence involves slowly stewing an octopus underneath what looks like an upturned wok surrounded by a steel ring containing red hot embers. The octopus is cooked with vegetables (mainly potatoes) in a vegetable stock for around two hours.

The beauty of “Peka” is that all the flavors are preserved and the slow cooking process makes it a very healthy choice.

Most common meat and seafood prepared in the Peka is veal, lamb, octopus and whole fish. Meat or seafood is then most likely covered with potatoes, carrots, celery and zucchini.